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dawn park deluxe


dawn park deluxe

Dawn Park Deluxe is a luxury residential complex in Sunny Beach resort. The concept of the project is to recreate the look of the buildings from the Renaissance, combined with the needs of modern living in apartment hotels.

The main emphasis in the composition are the two symmetric residential blocks connected with the central wing of the reception. This symmetry indeed, allows the deployment of the architectural design of the facades of the complex. Two side blocks are designed in strict Renaissance style with gradation in height and the soft tones of plaster reinforce the effect of sparkling white pediments and pilasters. Massive cornice completes the building in height, elegant and strongly dominates over the other elements of the facade.

The brilliance of the facade composition is concentrated in the central sector - impressive lobby in two floors height, the main approach to the two residential wings and the patio. Functional composition is tectonically stressed on the facade. Representative vision, high arched windows and richly developed ornaments suggest the primary role of the central block.

Every element of the building is searching for its meaningful emphasis here and completes with a gracefully curved pediment over the entrance - a harmonious accent, an integral part of the overall design.

  • Animation and Rendering

    Genig studio

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